Sunday, 7 September 2008

Soap Pictures

I would love to add some pictures of my recent soaps, I have made a few new ones today, but for some reason my posting toolbar has vanished and try as i might I cannot find out how to get it back. If anyone reads this and knows the answer to the riddle, please let me know, its SO frustrating!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Pilfered Post!

What a shock! My lovely order of custom double-poured soap favours, for my USA customer arrived damaged and with only one of the soaps present. I imagine someone somewhere has 7 of my beautiful daisy soaps and I am furious, but what can you do? My customer was understandably really upset, and I made the soaps again for her. Fingers crossed that she gets them all this time, but I am worried that they might not arrive in time to give her party guests . Future orders will go out wearing their drabbest attire, instead of the pretty packaging I had been using. We joked that I ought to put 'haemorrhoid soap' on the customs label from now on, to discourage any more 'accidents'.