Saturday, 26 December 2009

Lizzy's pressie!

I reckon the chances of Liz reading this blog before she opens her presents this morning (yes I know its boxing day) are so slim I am going to go ahead and post a piccy of it- I bought it from Purseona at Etsy about 3 months ago as it had to be made and sent from the USA. I love her bags and have long admired/coveted them. Lizzy's old handbag was deeply loved and rather ancient in fact I think she had it for at least 8 years although I could be wrong . Anyway she needed a new one and here it is. I had to get mum to choose from the array of beautiful fabrics as I feel I have absolutely no taste in these things! I especially love the little magnetic clasp. Hope my sister loves it too!

Having a sale!

I have always wanted to hold a sale, so now seems to be the appropriate time. I would rather hold a sale than try and go shopping in the Boxing Day sales today in town! I would hate that! So, although there are slightly bare shelves here at SoapyChica since the Christmas rush, I am holding a buy two-get a third soap free sale both on my main site and on Etsy. All the soaps will be freshly made and beautifully wrapped as always, its just that you get a bit extra :)

Monday, 21 December 2009


I bet all those who sell handmade items in a small way online are all breathing a sigh of relief, that everything got out on time!
Well this year Christmas was totally hectic-even with my sister Liz's sterling help. I'm glad and happy for the sales and I know now that I must be over-prepared, not under prepared! Last year seemed busy, so I organised enough soap for the same level of sales, but sold four times as much in December so Im going to bear it in mind for next year. Somehow I thought the recession would have had more effect on the sales for all of us. Of course I didn't help myself by deciding Mid November to start presenting the soaps in luxury fabric, instead of cello bags. I remember that I was low on cello bags, and needed to make an order of soaps look pretty, and so I parceled them up in the chiffon that I normally use to line the boxes. 'Ah, I thought-they look rather nice, I think that is how I would like to receive a luxury soap, if I bought one' and that was it. I have been tying bows in my sleep this week I swear!
It will be nice to catch up with life again now, and tomorrow is set aside for making our house look like someone owns it once again!