Sunday, 26 July 2009

Under the weather!

Oh Dear! today I am supposed to be working -dog grooming but it has all gone wrong and I woke to find my throat feels like a razor blade is in it and I am all hot and ill feeling. Therefore I have decided not to try and press on, inflicting it on others, and I am glad I am home -but bored! Of course soap making is also out of bounds when ill, so I am stuck! Here is hoping its a simple dose of cold :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Harry Potter Soap! well....sort of....

This is another soap that I just couldnt resist making, and I love how it has turned out. Do excuse a slightly fuzzy picture! This just reminded me of Harry Potter , and seeing as how I am excited to go and watch the film, I allowed myself the treat of it! :) Around the frame of the picture are such cute little details like a sorting hat, glasses, a quill!
The fragrance is a nice one, a little like face cream, clean and fresh. I know I am supposed to be taking pictures of my studio place, but its not quite as I want it to be yet. Mind you I do keep getting curious visitors popping in for a look :)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Soap Gift Sets

I love these new sets. Liz my sister has taken better pics-but I am using these for now! I have had a great time putting sets together because I have had several requests for gift baskets etc recently so here we go :) Its a job to find enough hours in the day though at the moment!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The new studio/workshop

Well I don't know what to call it really- I have almost finished painting it. At first I was not going to bother, but it was a vibrant yellow and orange with blue carpet and I just dont think I can work with that ! Also it has been used as an office for 5 years so looked a bit worn in places. I unearthed a massive tub of white paint that we had around and painted the main work space, and for the little foyer bit I chose Classic Duck Egg, which I think looks gorgeous. I think I will do the glossing tomorrow afternoon which I have arranged to have free of work (doggy work that is) and then I can get on with making soaps at last. I am looking forward to experimenting with more products as well now that I can really spread out. Obviously I had to paint before I started-not after! My hair and clothes are bad enough-covered in splotches tonight!
Not only that, I really didnt think I had so much soapy paraphenalia until I had to move it-Nightmare on Elm Street!
Oh and I havent taken any pics yet - because it looked a bit like Macdonalds before, and its not quite finished yet, but I will!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Soapy Giveaway!

Pretty Knit Effect Embellished Soap 120g approx

I have decided to celebrate my new soap workshop with another blog giveaway. Its so simple to enter- just leave a comment here saying what tempts you into buying handcrafted soap. Easy as that -and a winner picked at random will win one of my newest designs-the heart shaped soap shown above, in Vanilla Cream wrapped in a pretty gift bag( as with all my soaps). This giveway is open to all as I ship worldwide.
Good luck and thanks for visiting my SoapyChica blog!

Slowly getting there.......

I have had a lovely thursday and friday off from grooming to move into the new soap place- I am glad because although I love the hot weather, its very itchy when the dogs' clipped hairs stick to your glowing hot face, and when you try and itch you just transfer more over! Of course having two days off in a row fills me with guilt, as people are suddenly desperate to have their dogs clipped because of the heat, and the phone has just not stopped ringing. The last extra time I had off was Christmas week though so I must take this time before I explode!

I have collected a couple of tables kindly donated to me through freecycle, so I have surfaces to work on, and I am collecting another today-my little van has never seen so much action! As I am waiting in for my supplies and labels though this morning I have found time to update my website with a few more soaps-guest ones this time. My site looks full-although several products overlap categories really so they show up more than once! Now I am going to start making a few other product types I will not know where to put them! here is my link to my new page if anyone fancies paying me a visit! SoapyChica