Friday, 23 October 2009

Postal Strike

I wonder how much the parcels will be delayed by, and how long this is going on for? I have sent loads and loads of soapy parcels out this week, and some moulds for my sister Liz, and a parcel for Joy is on its way also! As long as they store them all properly if theres a backlog, I have the horrors of someone sitting on all my parcels and squashing them all!! Am hanging on to todays packages and will send them tomorrow and hope for the best. I wish I could use a courier instead but for the smaller packages you cant beat the RM on cost, as we all know.

I am having to have a re-jig in my online stores as am getting quite busy now, and the most time consuming soaps that I make are going to have to go by the wayside for a short time. I make them to order and as they take ages to make, I get a bit snowed under at times! (Like now)! I have had a bit of a run on crowns and corsets so have enlisted Lizzie's help -its all hands on deck! I now have a pretty tableful of sugary pink and cream sparkly soaps -lalalala!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pamper evening!

I was invited to have a table at a pamper evening organised at my local primary school last week and I thought why not? It ran from 7-9pm so was not too long to attend on my own. I took all sorts of soaps because I really could not decide what to take! I was quite nervous also :) I sold quite a few simple spa soap slices-they were really the best seller and I had them piled in baskets at the front. One white chocolate and one coconut truffle bath butter jars were sold, and I think it helped when I actually opened a few up for people to have a 'go' at, and placed them in the centre of the table. The fancier, pricier soaps I did only sell a couple of but on the whole I was pleased with the evening and had great fun attending! There were some lovely candles and things there but I held myself in check admirably on the spending front for a change! I was able to use the stands I had got from off Ebay that are meant to be for cards, following EJ's tip off about them, they were easy to put together and I used them for my gift boxes and jars. I suddenly remembered half way through to take a picture of the table set up for future reference and also to show my sister liz , who has been such a help!

Friday, 9 October 2009

I love this!

I was lucky enought o be featured in a treasury on Etsy today (well my soap is) :) and alongside I saw this adorable ring which I am coveting! This is right up my street and the seller SweetMelodies has some lovely things in her store thats for sure! It has put me in mind of doing a blog treasury list as there are so many lovely items on Etsy, great excuse for a browse!!