Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Heavenly Goddess Soap

This is my current favourite soap that keeps tempting my naughty self back into the bath tub at funny times of the day , you know when you find yourself fancying a bath mid morning when you really should be working? That kind of soap! I really wish I could just eat this soap and have done with it :) Anyway there are plenty so I will never run out-that is the beauty of making your own!
There is clay, shea and all kinds of goodies in this silky soap to make you feel amazing and I am here to say it works!

A little blog feature!

I was delighted today to stumble upon a little feature on the Craft Gossip Bath and Body blog . Previously I was unfamiliar with the blog, but it looks good so I will be following it from now on, I am constantly amazed by all the new goodies available on the internet!