Sunday, 31 August 2008

My latest custom order-daisy soaps to the USA

I also have some pictures of an international custom order I had last week for some favours for a fabulous customer from Etsy. She wanted several of the garden daisies design soaps, for all of her friends at her party. She had an idea of the colour scheme she wanted and was very helpful in describing her vision of the soaps, and I must say the end result was very striking and worked brilliantly. The deadline was tight and I managed to get all of the soaps designed, made and in the post for the next day. I worked through the night but it was worth it as I really want those soaps to arrive in time for the party.

Victorian Wedding Cakes

Yesterday my new moulds arrived, and among them a lovely mini detailed cake, which I have been planning to make wedding favours with. I had a test pour and the result is great, although its a tricky one to pour as there is just so much tiny detail.
I love them in pastel, fondant shades and fragrances.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Christmas Soaps

Well I think its definitely time to think about Christmas soaps.
I have begun to list my new Christmas Tree soaps on Etsy and Folksy now, in several very lovely fragrances, but there are a lot more seasonal products to come.
I received my gift bags in Christmassy themes from The Ole Bag Lady this week and am delighted with them, so many adorable designs, with little reindeer and snowmen etc. I will be getting more in a week or so. I am finding it hard to prepare for Christmas sales as it is my first year of trading, and I am not sure how big the demand for gift soaps and sets is going to be.
One day I will finally work out how to add photos on this blog and I will be very happy!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Boxes made of soap

I have finally found the time to try making soap trinket boxes. I was eager to find out how they look once made up, and I find I like them! I made a small pale pink box with mini hearts inside which I have listed in my shop tonight. Its a little bit glittery, and I love it.

Monday, 11 August 2008

UK Handmade

I was lucky enough to have my soap featured on UK Handmade this month here
UK Handmade is a great new blog - an eclectic mix of creators, designers and artists promoting the UK handmade scene.

I am back!

Well one whole month away from my blog (nearly) Its almost as bad as the time I have spent away from the gym! All because of my new Etsy shop -it is too addictive really so I have dragged myself away. I have seen a few great blogs though from fellow Etsians and I am going to try and see if I can add some here. I have had my first proper wholesale order now and have a couple more hopefully in the pipeline stages. I am very pleased with the kind of shops that are interested in my soaps-very much the sort of market I have been hoping for.
My latest soaps that I have in my shop are Figs and Leaves, which is a Lush-type fragrance, and Black Cafe (Jo Malone 'Black Vetiver Cafe' type), and Creamy Fruit Smoothie which is a blend of several oils, milky, fruity and creamy.
I have also been working on my seasonal holiday range as well which I will be adding to the shop in September.