Saturday, 30 August 2008

Christmas Soaps

Well I think its definitely time to think about Christmas soaps.
I have begun to list my new Christmas Tree soaps on Etsy and Folksy now, in several very lovely fragrances, but there are a lot more seasonal products to come.
I received my gift bags in Christmassy themes from The Ole Bag Lady this week and am delighted with them, so many adorable designs, with little reindeer and snowmen etc. I will be getting more in a week or so. I am finding it hard to prepare for Christmas sales as it is my first year of trading, and I am not sure how big the demand for gift soaps and sets is going to be.
One day I will finally work out how to add photos on this blog and I will be very happy!

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Art By MAR said...

Your soaps are beautiful! I have bought from Ole Bag Lady on Etsy too, love her bags!