Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Having a clearout- much overdue

My spare room is in need of a clear out today. I have all the soaps here as I have had a problem storing them at the studio in the cold weather, so they sit here safe and warm (and not 'sweating' glycerine which they were at the studio) , which is lovely and the room smells nice. The only thing is, is that the boxes leave little room to manoeuver so I really need to get organised today while I have a little time. While I am on the subject, I would love to give this little room a makeover sometime soon, and in fact spread the effect around our whole house. I am not sure how Mark will take it as I want a lovely feminine shabby look :)

We probably have shabby right now, but without any chic!

While I am thinking about it, I am browsing Etsy shops for inspiration and for possible future purchases-plenty of beautiful ideas and accents to be found there on Etsy, its amazing!
Especially when you think these are all created by self-representing artists.
I shall list a few of my recent favourites because they are gorgeous - see what you think............





Sunday, 21 February 2010

Satin and Birch M+P extraordinaire!

Papillon by Satin and Birch

I am impressed and inspired by the work of Leslie at Satin and Birch, who not only pours the soaps but designs and makes the moulds as well. These soaps are right up my street, and the packaging is gorgeous and compliments the decadent, opulent colours and shapes. Satin and Birch is the 'whole package' . I love to see glycerine soaps like these, so well thought out, and made with such an obvious passion and a good eye for style. It was the sweet little white horses that first drew my attention, but the whole shop is a feast for the eyes, you can almost smell the soaps just by looking at the pictures. I must pop a couple of pictures and a link here- I cannot bear not to! Definitely pop in for a look, you will not be disappointed!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Cake boxes

We (my sister and I ) have spent the afternoon battling the light from a stormy sky to try and capture these cute boxes The results vary, but in real life the boxes are quite pretty, and they smell great as they contain tiny vanilla/honey cakes! Not real cakes, soap cakes :) We have these soaps in some sweet new colours as well-maybe more pics tomorrow weather permitting!
Some new 'flavours'

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A couple of fresh delights!

I saw these today on Etsy-I was having a relaxing browse and window shopping a bit! BaconSquareFarm's colonial red Birdhouse is something I need! So lovely, and ready for use by real birdies too! Or perfect home decor I think :) Then I spotted Silvine's amazing jewellery and in particular the Spring Cuff , and fell in love all over again! That is Etsy for you- beautiful finds on a daily basis :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

SoapyChica Video

I am having what is commonly known as 'A Play' this afternoon!