Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gloomy lighting-enough already!

It seems the days are all overcast by the time I am ready to take pictures- I prefer to use natural light but such grey days really are not helping. Funnily enough when I took my pictures in my little room at home they all seemed to be light enough no matter what. It must be a magic window sill and I am going to resort to taking things home and snapping them there. Its annoying but not insurmountable-just a bit weird. I have been messing about with my website again today trying to get it to look right and be a little more user friendly, and I could do with some good pictures of my new boxes but its not going great so far!
Here are my latest tries- I promise the soaps do look better in real life :)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A milestone?

Christmas soap truffles to cheer us all up :)

100 followers, surely thats something to be celebrated? I shall do a nice dance (luckily no one can see me doing that) , what a lovely cheer-me-up on a day which I had thought ruined by my OH. Yes he has had the wise idea that I give up my soap studio as he thinks it a waste of time and money and I would be better working at home again. So I now feel flat and fed up. Thankfully I am made of quite sturdy stuff really, so shall simply listen to the comments, take them 'on board' and then carry on as before. Funnily enough you tend to spread when you have the room don't you , so my soapystuff will now never fit back into the one room in our house so thats the end of it! And I am receiving so many more orders these days than I used to, so I really feel justified in keeping my little workshop.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

In the paper again?

Hmmm lovely Fiona from has been in touch and tells me that there is a link to the site together with a picture of a SoapyChica Royal Crown Soap in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine today. Well that is a surprise and I am going to try and get a copy if I am quick enough today so that I can have a sneaky look- I am working in the salon so I might just miss out but I hope not! I have had to work today even though I was supposed to be doing 'Pooch in the Park for St Giles Hospice. Its a long story and involves a horrid emergency tooth extraction yesterday *shudder*, anyway I am here and I might as well enjoy it!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Some good, some bad, take the rough with the smooth etc!

Well it has been a bit like that the past few weeks, suddenly a rush of sales- delightful at any time of course and most welcome. Then an oven that caught alight and a small scale 'situation' and no oven ( it persists in bursting into flames- not a great quality really, so has been retired) . Now I have a ceramic hob with which to heat my blends and I am far happier-problem solved! And I have finally caught up with my orders so all is well. Happily Lizzy my sister has offered to help out with SoapyChica which will be fabulous as I need an extra pair of hands, particularly going forward into the Christmas season. Of course there was the Express feature, and now a possibility of a feature in another magazine also- which I will explain if and when anything comes of it so that I dont jinx it! The thing I am most excited about really are my new gift boxes- I like to offer the luxury soaps in a presentation box and I have found the perfect ones, so have been having a lovely play haha!
And yes- that iS the same soap as shown below-it wanted to be in 2 posts, it likes it- so who am I to argue?

Friday, 11 September 2009

In the paper today!

The Daily Express have featured one of my soaps in an article full of British goodies. Union flags and Crowns galore! This pink roses scented Royal Crown soap has been a bit of a best seller this year and its one of my favourites as well.