Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A milestone?

Christmas soap truffles to cheer us all up :)

100 followers, surely thats something to be celebrated? I shall do a nice dance (luckily no one can see me doing that) , what a lovely cheer-me-up on a day which I had thought ruined by my OH. Yes he has had the wise idea that I give up my soap studio as he thinks it a waste of time and money and I would be better working at home again. So I now feel flat and fed up. Thankfully I am made of quite sturdy stuff really, so shall simply listen to the comments, take them 'on board' and then carry on as before. Funnily enough you tend to spread when you have the room don't you , so my soapystuff will now never fit back into the one room in our house so thats the end of it! And I am receiving so many more orders these days than I used to, so I really feel justified in keeping my little workshop.

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