Monday, 11 August 2008

I am back!

Well one whole month away from my blog (nearly) Its almost as bad as the time I have spent away from the gym! All because of my new Etsy shop -it is too addictive really so I have dragged myself away. I have seen a few great blogs though from fellow Etsians and I am going to try and see if I can add some here. I have had my first proper wholesale order now and have a couple more hopefully in the pipeline stages. I am very pleased with the kind of shops that are interested in my soaps-very much the sort of market I have been hoping for.
My latest soaps that I have in my shop are Figs and Leaves, which is a Lush-type fragrance, and Black Cafe (Jo Malone 'Black Vetiver Cafe' type), and Creamy Fruit Smoothie which is a blend of several oils, milky, fruity and creamy.
I have also been working on my seasonal holiday range as well which I will be adding to the shop in September.

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