Friday, 23 October 2009

Postal Strike

I wonder how much the parcels will be delayed by, and how long this is going on for? I have sent loads and loads of soapy parcels out this week, and some moulds for my sister Liz, and a parcel for Joy is on its way also! As long as they store them all properly if theres a backlog, I have the horrors of someone sitting on all my parcels and squashing them all!! Am hanging on to todays packages and will send them tomorrow and hope for the best. I wish I could use a courier instead but for the smaller packages you cant beat the RM on cost, as we all know.

I am having to have a re-jig in my online stores as am getting quite busy now, and the most time consuming soaps that I make are going to have to go by the wayside for a short time. I make them to order and as they take ages to make, I get a bit snowed under at times! (Like now)! I have had a bit of a run on crowns and corsets so have enlisted Lizzie's help -its all hands on deck! I now have a pretty tableful of sugary pink and cream sparkly soaps -lalalala!


Missy said...

great blog and your soaps are beautiful!

For all things fashion:

ღ Céline ღ said...

Hello !

I also knew your etsy shop but not your blog, i love your soaps !

I live in France and I don't find molds like yours. I'll die for the Angle wings and Crown molds but the US seller who own some doesn't want to ship to Europe... Can you help me to find them ? Thanks xoxo