Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Parcels all arriving ok!

Duck Egg Heart

Well my fears were allayed, and everyones parcel has arrived safely so thats great-well one hasnt but we've sorted that out - it was en route to the USA. Its the only one this year so far that went missing. Well three new moulds have arrived this week and I shall post the results asap- two childs soap moulds and one fancy floral one. I have had a few Victorian hearts to make this week, and have veered toward a tiny bit more green to make a true Duck Egg blue, they all came out beautifully I am happy to say, with copper flowers. I am feeling the urge for some special moisturiser and that kind of thing this week as the weather turns ever more Wintry, you know when you can feel it in your skin? Well last year I remember I was using products from Maia Skincare which are my most very favourite- a bit like the Liz Earle range but in my opinion better. I must get onto that site and order some more for this winter-they have balms and potions to die for! And they smell amazing too. Body lotion I can get away without using because of the special ingredients in handmade soap, but I sometimes suffer from dry skin on my face where the weather gets me when I am out with the horses and dogs.
I find myself relying on 'smells' a little more now its colder, also as a pick-me-up, I am using a honeysuckle soap in my bath, taking turns with a lavender bar, and a hazelnut bar.



I do love that heart soap, I will be getting one for the bathroom, but noboady will be allowed to touch it!
I have been waiting on a parcel for m China for 2 weeks, it's killing me! And 3 parcels from the UK for a week now.............One of them a lovely pair of red shoes, I so want to see them!

SoapyChica said...

I want to see those red shoes as well!! I start listening for the postman as soon as I place an order, but he usually waits till I am out and sneaks me a red 'you were out' card through the letterbox, so I have to wait another day LOL

prashant said...

..One of them a lovely pair of red shoes, I so want to see them!

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