Sunday, 26 July 2009

Under the weather!

Oh Dear! today I am supposed to be working -dog grooming but it has all gone wrong and I woke to find my throat feels like a razor blade is in it and I am all hot and ill feeling. Therefore I have decided not to try and press on, inflicting it on others, and I am glad I am home -but bored! Of course soap making is also out of bounds when ill, so I am stuck! Here is hoping its a simple dose of cold :)


Silky Prudence said...

Poor you - I have the same thing. Word of advice though - if you're still feeling poorly after a few days get down to the docs cos I left it a week and now have a chest infection!!!

SoapyChica said...

Oh yuck- the flu has gone and what I have been left with is a tooth abscess-fantastic! The dentist didnt really want to see me cos I might have infected her, so she sent me a prescription out for antibiotics. What a hoohah-be glad when this is all over!