Monday, 21 December 2009


I bet all those who sell handmade items in a small way online are all breathing a sigh of relief, that everything got out on time!
Well this year Christmas was totally hectic-even with my sister Liz's sterling help. I'm glad and happy for the sales and I know now that I must be over-prepared, not under prepared! Last year seemed busy, so I organised enough soap for the same level of sales, but sold four times as much in December so Im going to bear it in mind for next year. Somehow I thought the recession would have had more effect on the sales for all of us. Of course I didn't help myself by deciding Mid November to start presenting the soaps in luxury fabric, instead of cello bags. I remember that I was low on cello bags, and needed to make an order of soaps look pretty, and so I parceled them up in the chiffon that I normally use to line the boxes. 'Ah, I thought-they look rather nice, I think that is how I would like to receive a luxury soap, if I bought one' and that was it. I have been tying bows in my sleep this week I swear!
It will be nice to catch up with life again now, and tomorrow is set aside for making our house look like someone owns it once again!



I know how you feel, next year I want to make sure the back up stuff is thier, so I don't have to come home from work to sew sew sew!
Happy Christmas. Karen

Mary Humphrey said...


I knew people were waiting, and they did. The rush started, and it went crazy. I had the giggles on cyber Monday. Nothing was working correctly because there were so many people online. It was fantastic to experience.

But I, like you, also learned a lot from it.

I know what I do, and do not want to do, different next year.

We are proud of our luxurious soaps, as all of us should be. We work hard at what we do!

yummy suds said...

I'm so with you on that! Phew! Is it over yet?! lol
I already see some soapers gearing up for Valentines!
I am not on that list!

Happy Holidays!

Carmen said...

That is one gorgeous looking bar of soap though.

I think the recession has had people looking at homemade stuff more, I know I received a lot more homemade presents than usual and it made it such a special Christmas... I hope next year is the same.

Carmen said...

Sorry that should have read hand made not home made shouldn't it. I always confuse the two but I did get a lovely mixture of both :D