Saturday, 1 November 2008

Halloween Soap Giveaway Result!

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in my soap giveaway. It has been a lot of fun and so I will be doing another shortly-watch this space for details!
I jiggled everyone around with' Random' and asked it to pick me a number -and the winner was number 10 - Lomond Soaps , so congratulations Corrie and watch out for a Strawberry pink soap which will be winging its way to you next week!


Lomond Soap said...

Woohoo I won, I won!
Oh so excited, thanks Sue, looking forward to receiving my own piece of soap art :-x

Croap Queen said...

Congrats Corrie, you lucky thing you!

Love the new look to the blog btw Sue! Wonder where you found that? :-)

Tara said...

Oh gutted! Will just have to buy some instead! How did you do that background? My blog needs some serious prettying up!

SoapyChica said...

hi Tara! Its I got the idea from The Croap Queen! There are a lot of lovely backgrounds to use there.

Tara said...

Thanks Sue! And also for the follow! I am defo going to order some soap soon - I've favouritised lots of your edible looking goodies on Etsy!

Tara said...

Hi Sue
I'm annoying everyone today by tagging them. Feel free to ignore it, although I have to say it's quite interesting to learn things about people. Or maybe that's just me being nosy. Anyway, if you are overcome by curiosity have a look at my post on it.