Sunday, 1 February 2009

Briallen Scrubs

I have been meaning to share my delight in these wonderful scrubs for a while now. Elaine of Briallen Crafts creates the range of scrubs by hand, using the most amazing ingredients. I love using scrubs, but I sometimes find a scrub can be too harsh to use on my face .
When I used Hey Mango! for the first time I knew I had found the perfect scrub! This highly moisturising body scrub contains Cornmeal and Mango powder exfoliants, and pampering Mango Butter and a blend of oils including vitamin rich Papaya Seed Oil . The scrub is naturally a lovely pale mango colour and is just a dream to use! So that one is my favourite, but there are four very different ones to choose from and they all look totally fab I must say!
Briallen Crafts have a whole range of lovely soaps and toiletries, milks and melts and more on the website too-I think definitely one to keep in mind for pressies!


Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I have not purcahsed Briallen's scrubs, but they look wonderful! I love to stop over to see what she has in the making!

briallen said...

Thanks for the compliments Sue (I'll have to make a reciprocal post on my blog!)