Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spring soaps

We are busy making new soaps with a Spring theme in pastel florals, and some hearts and corsets in Valentine red . I fancy making up some gift baskets with Easter just around the corner, and I think we are all pretty desperate for some Spring and Sunshine in our lives after such a long Winter! I find myself craving the smell of Hyacinths and Freesias and Lemongrass this week :) there will be some new Plain Special bar designs, and also the bath truffles that Joy from Dragonfly Dawn is making to add to our boxes!


Mary Humphrey said...

Beautiful! And please, keep talking spring!


I love this soap! beautiful. Kx

June said...

Hi Sue, how wonderful that you found your way to my place so I could follow you back here. You create beautiful soap. Just beautiful.