Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Handmade soap shop back open

Handmade gift soap- pink crown Shea Butter soap
I am taking over with SoapyChica again as Liz has so much going on with her pre-Christmas house move and all sorts of family stuff that she will have her hands full this holiday season. I have missed soap making so I am excited! Of course there is a lot to get my head around with the new paperwork requirements, and on reopening our Etsy Soapychica soap store, I have discovered that a lot has changed over at Etsy too! I have begun to build our own standalone store at which still needs a lot of work, so that is October taken care of! I am looking to fill both stores with plenty of handmade soap gifts and to have them available to buy ready for Christmas. Both online shops have shopping carts set up to enable UK and international shipping so that people can order from overseas.

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