Sunday, 8 March 2009

New soaps

I had forgotten that I have an event to go to this week so I have been spending today making soaps. I have been so busy in the salon that I really have not been able to concentrate on anything else for weeks! So I have had a lovely day today making pink, green and pale yellow soaps in many shapes and sizes. I have my new allergen free fragrances in them all, including some lovely new ones by Fresholi which I adore. The light is not great for picture taking as there seems to be a storm cloud right overhead, but I am doing my best and am listing in my Etsy shop today too, as I probably will not get another chance this week. These I have made with sls free soap, and added shea and avocado butters, and mineral rich clays so they are what I would call quite luxurious soaps! I am making bags of vanilla truffles too, only they take soooo long to make so no pictures as yet.


charlie said...

Lovely and shiny! I cant wait to try the new FOs from Fresholi. In fact they are waiting for me at home in the UK already!

Aunee said...

So pretty!

Nuria said...

Hi Sue, I didn´t know your blog I found you through Corrie's blog. Your soaps are amazing, I had not seen soaps which so much detail before it's amazing, mine are so simple ... do you use molds to make them or do you model the soap with your hands?

briallen said...

Looking good Sue!

Those CPers who say that MP is "just adding colour and fragrance to a base" should take a look at your works of art!!

Feli said...

Genial!!! soap...besos

JULS~ said...

Hi Sue,

As always, your soaps are divine! Love the Fleur de Lis pattern - so chic!



Bella Bubbles said...

Hi,your blog is lovely as your soap! Now I follow you,if you want yu can do the same! Good luck with your Etsy shop <3

Tara said...

Hi Sue
Just to say I nominated you for a little blog award - no need to do anything about it, just wanted to include you!