Saturday, 9 May 2009

Two months away

I cannot believe that I have not had any soapy news for two months. Its true though, I have had to concentrate on my salon for a bit really, to get it up and running. I have to make soap now though, and am eagerly awaiting my new supplies and moulds,. I love waiting for pressies like this, its fab! Oh thats just reminded me about Fablet (must order some more of that lovely stuff too).
Well I am going to add some more soaps to my stores and I will also be helping my sister get her soapmaking off the ground too, from her little pink cottage in Suffolk(sounds ideal for soap making doesn't it)? I have been choosing my fragrances carefully this year and I am going to use the ones that family and friends, customers and of course MYSELF cannot do without! I will always play with new fragrances of course-every soapmaker knows the addiction! (I am hankering over parma violet today of all things-perhaps parma violet Fablet is still available, have to check)

If anyone has not tried Fablet then I heartily recommend its delights to all here is a link Fablet
The picture is not of Fablet, but of a soap I made that smells like dairy butter fudge, I could eat it as soon as look at it!

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