Saturday, 20 June 2009

Gourmet Chocolate Soaps

This week I have given myself two days off from my salon, so I can catch up on the things of life. I have spent some of that time updating my website with the soaps that I have made recently and taking pictures. Of course its cloudy overhead this week so they are not the best ever pictures. I have tried top divide the shop into sections to make it easier to find the right soap. I have placed the chocolated truffles and chocolate fragranced soaps all together in a gourmet chocolate soaps section. I have many more items to add to that page, its just I haven't got the pictures ready yet. It is a trial to invite guests to a website, as I remember from the early days of setting up the Mutley Makeovers site, but with an allocated budget of £0 I will simply work hard myself and hope for the best :)


Tara said...

I'd be happy to spread the word if it helps! And I have found Twitter to be quite astonishing for immediate mass visitation of my website! Have tagged you, but of course no obligation to do it. :o)

SoapyChica said...

Cheers Tara!!
I am doing a few cheeky twitters-how cool is that?? :) Could you explain the tagging thing-cos I dont get it? -sad , I know!!!

Carol said...

Can't wait to follow you and thanks for following me. Chocolate soap, yumm, op's that's not good to want to eat it, is it?