Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Packaging re-think

I am having a think about how best to package my wares! I am happy with my recipe now, and am making all of my soap to the same recipe-apart from adding honey to the Honey Galore and Honey Pudding. My packaging leaves a huge amount to be desired however. I love the little bags that I use for the fancy soaps, but I need other packaging also, especially for the plain bars of goodness. I have taken up an idea from someone who tweeted me last week and re packaged the corsets in ribbon. I have wrapped them in soft tissue first as there is already a bow on the front of the design which doesnt suit the addition of a ribbon bow. I shall post a picture I took in dim light (what else do we get round here) of the new look! You can still smell the soap fragrance through the wrapping, and I think this looks cute for giving as a gift now. I am stumped as regards hang tags though-I fancy tags rather than cigar bands for the plain soaps so that I can wrap them in tissue or paper first, but tags elude me at the moment......plenty of rummaging on the internet should help! I have seen some lovely ones on Etsy but may be too large.......

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Soap Kitten said...

Careful with tissue paper. If the soap sweats during transit, the paper can stick to it.

... ask me how I know... I've experienced this with bright hot pink colored tissue paper on while soap.