Friday, 26 June 2009

Wedding Favours

I seem to be getting more orders for wedding favours and I am pleased to think of my soaps gracing someones table on their big day-what an honour that is! Now that I am not offering my soaps wholesale to anyone else, I am left with more free time to concentrate on wedding orders and other pleasurable projects, so I am pleased that I chose this route. Some of the soaps seem to be geared right towards weddings and bridal showers. One lady chose some as bridesmaid gifts and for her 'hen party' - which I think is a classy idea. The most popular ones this month have been the royal crown soaps in Rose and in Vanilla which I have posted pics of. I am trying to despatch the favours early in plenty of time for their deadlines!


beemybear said...

Wow!!! I'm absolutly excited!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

I am always fascinated by your beautiful soaps. I love it that we all have our own creative nature. One may like the rustic look and feel, and obtain that goal. Your soaps, for example, are elegant, and intricate enough to don a wedding table. Life is grand!

I toss about on the wholesale thing a lot myself. On one hand I do not want to say no, on the other I want to work for myself and my customers directly.

Have a great weekend!